Nvidia’s 12GB GTX Titan X

GPU-maker Nvidia dropped a 12GB bomb on GDC last week when it unveiled the GTX Titan X, a 12GB GPU with 8 billion transistors that’s likely to be the fastest card around when it launches.

As for when it launches, well, I can’t say just yet. And as for specs outside of transistors and VRAM, well, I can’t talk about that yet either. And while I don’t know the price yet, this is probably one of those things where, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Still, judging by the demos from Oculus, Weta, Valve, and Crytek that that GTX Titan X powered at GDC–as well as Epic’s beautiful real-time Kite demo–I expect this thing’ll fly 4K games at the highest settings.

To tide you over until our full review, check out the hot gadget pr0n shots of the card splayed lovingly over a crisp white bed hotel bed–just as nature intended.